*Flat Rate Shipping $189.00, Shipping only applies to the following states CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT & ID. - Long ride-up loading ramp ensures a low angle of approach and easier alignment than thinner, shorter ramps (or using wooden boards) , promising safe, easy one-person loading for even when used as a heavy bike trailer. For those tough free-thinking individuals, we built this Aluma gives dealers the flexibility to compete in their markets by allowing them to set their own prices. That’s it. Out off stock till Early January 2021 preorder and save price increase soon or check out our other three rail FREESTYLE TRAILER HERE. The trailer will be shipped fully assembled and will be delivered to your physical address via trucking service. Units can be shipped with trailers or can be shipped with any carrier. You must check this box to continue. To scooter owners and other folks who need a small cargo trailer, we say: you might have never thought to look for a dirt bike trailer for sale, but look no further. treales collapsible fold away motorcycle trailer. ** Ace Single Motorcycle Trailer uses latch and hinge pins to lock and unlock into the folded and unfolded positions. ●  Tubular steel and steel mesh construction for a high-strength, low-weight design ​(425 lbs. In a very good condition and well looked after. If the item is purchased at the same time as the trailer this will be already mounted on to the trailer. Built with Tow Smart Trailers’ powder-coated steel pipe frame, stow-away ramps, and folding deck, our Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer features all the durability and flexibility you need to stay safe as a single rider on the move. The modular ramps ensure safe, easy one-person loading. Motorcycle Trailers Aluma offers a complete aluminum motorcycle trailer line. Single Rail Motorcycle Trailer DUE TO DEMAND AND POPULARITY only 3 Units left in stock as off NOV 6 2020. - Integrated, fully-adjustable wheel chocks makes loading, unloading, and tying off a cinch, no matter what gear (or combination of gear) you decide to haul with it. They are restricted by no one; they need no one’s permission. a.src=document.location.protocol+"//script.crazyegg.com/pages/scripts/0047/0169.js"; • Fenders and Custom Built Chock are standard equipment. Sure, a folded trailer may ultimately have a smaller footprint than a flatbed, but when assembled, any folding motorcycle trailer that’s sturdy enough to safely carry a motorcycle is going to have to be a fairly big guy to begin with, folded or not. For those tough free-thinking individuals, we built this trailer: Introducing Alpha Sport Motorcycle Trailer, the folding single motorcycle trailer built for rugged individualists like you. Plus, our Folding Utility Trailer converts into a golf cart trailer or 6'ft x 9'ft utility trailer (for ATVs, SxS, UTVs, and more) in just minutes. ●  Trailer Deck Dimensions: 52″ x 70″●  Clearance To The Bottom Of The Deck: 13 1⁄4’’●  Clearance To The Bottom Of The Undercarriage: 7’’●  Center To The Center Of Each Rail: 20 1⁄4’’●  Tailgate Length: 24’’●  Folded Length: 87’’●  Maximum Overall Width: 84’’●  Maximum Extended Length: 110’’, ●  Maximum Motorcycle Length – Outside Rail: 77’’●  Maximum Motorcycle Length – Center Rail: 96’’●  Tire Size: St175/80 R13●  Wheel: 13’’ Aluminum Mag●  Air Pressure: 50 Cold Psi●  Empty Weight: 380 lb●  Maximum Load Capacity: 1,500 lb●  Hitch: Class 2 Or Higher●  Hitch Height: 19’’ - 21’’ H●  Ball Size: 2’’●  Suspension: Independent Torsion Axle●  Frame Material: Steel Tubing. Spare wheel and tire can be bolted on to the bottom of the trailers referenced above. Motorcycle trailer $2,799.00 plus shipping Stinger Folding single trailer $1,799.00 At Motorcycletrailer.com motorcycle trailers to pull behind your bike and trailers to pull your motorcycle are what we have done since about 1980. It has a 700-pound load capacity and comes with a tailgate that folds down into a ramp. The tailgate and ramp are constructed of high-strength steel mesh, high-strength steel tubing, and diamond tread plate so they are durable enough to support even large motorcycles and cruisers during loading. *Shipping only applies to the following states CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT & ID. If you're looking for quality and want to save space, Redline stock some of the best single motorcycle trailers available to offer. lift the hitch assembly and tongue with a single motion. a.async=true;a.type="text/javascript";b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)}, 1); away . And you are free to choose the ramp configuration that best serves your unique loading needs. Due to Trailer sizes, trailers are shipped to the nearest XPO LOGISTIC SERVICE CENTER or Business with forklift or Dock. View our entire inventory of New or Used Motorcycle Trailer Equipment. Notify the carrier and The USA Trailer Store® immediately, and we will assist you as fully as we can. More than just making it able to haul different kinds of vehicles, the design of this part-time motorcycle trailer, all-time everything-trailer, goes above and beyond in its accommodation of different loads. Direct Aftermarket Steel … The unique and versatile Stinger Folding Motorcycle Trailer makes transporting your motorcycle safe and easy. Most notably, our Three Rail Motorcycle Trailer can be converted into a golf cart trailer or utility trailer (for ATVs, SxSs, UTVs, and more) within minutes. Now, you can finance your purchase in minutes.At The USA Trailer …, Why are aluminum wheels standard on motorcycle trailers? Please contact us for an exact shipping rate 864-501-4559. We are offering an exclusive incentive for those that purchase our TRAILER. Items usually ship 4-5 business days after purchase transit days range from 2-4 days. ●  Lightweight foldable tailgate promises easy storage (and a small storage footprint). Standup Trailer are folding motorcycle trailers that fold and standup on end for easy space saving storage. Spare wheel and tire can be bolted on to the bottom of the trailers referenced above. This Ultra-Tow Single-Rail Folding Motorcycle Trailer has a longer, more durable ramp and a sturdier platform than most motorcycle trailers, which makes loading, … I used this to go to two NE rallies before and worked great. Local pick up is also available. Items can be shipped with your trailer or if bought afterwards they can also be shipped with any carrier. Like all products from Tow Smart Trailers, this trailer comes fully equipped with powder coated high-strength steel pipe cage, steel-mesh platform, and diamond tread plate deck covering. A ST175/80/R13 Bias 5 Ply Spare Tire and wheel can be extremely handy when the unknown comes by. Both materials are powder coated to increase the trailer’s durability and resistance to cracks, rust, and damage from abrasion or chemical exposure, guaranteeing that this utility trailer will look as good as it performs for as long as you use it. Do not settle for low quality Harbor Freight or Walmart Straps which are not specifically designed for motorcycle hauling use. The Razor Trailer is a one person ground loading trailer. MC1F Folding Motorcycle Trailer. Whether you need our Single-Rail Ride-Up Motorcycle Trailer, our Three-Rail Motorcycle Trailer, Dirt Bike Motorcycle Trailer or our Foldable Utility Trailer, we know you’re going to love our motorcycle trailers’ lightweight (yet heavy-duty) construction, built-in motorcycle-specific safety, and security features, and fast and easy storage design. Just keep your load under the weight limit and you’ll be good to go! Whatever type of motorcycle you ride—from Harleys and dirt bikes all the way to scooters—the Kendon Stand-Up Single Ride-Up SRL Motorcycle Trailer can handle it with ease, thanks to its ultra durable construction and impressive 1,000-lbs. Whether you choose to use our Foldable Dirtbike Trailer as an everyday bike trailer, a sportbike trailer, or a dirt bike trailer, it’ll easily get your gear where you need to go, then stow quickly with a small storage footprint. Kendon Patented Trailer Torsion Axle Design These ramps can be combined to create a single loading ramp to safely handle any tire width or vehicle weight. ●  14” deck height and 9” axle clearance keep the center of gravity low without compromising shock absorption. Items usually ship 2-3 business days after purchase transit days range from 2-4 days. Direct Aftermarket Scooter Dirt Bike or Motorcycle Trailer. Load it safe and easy. Premium quality Ratchet straps with rubber handle prevent the strap from causing harm to the trailer powder coat or to the motorcycle. A full review of the compact stand up motorcycle trailer from Ebay. - The best value combination small cargo trailer, scooter trailer, and dirt bike trailer for sale. *Shipping only applies to the following states CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT, NM & ID. 2021 Aluma MC2F Folding Single Axle Motorcycle Trailer Kate's Kars & Trailer Sales, Inc 1,618 mi. 7 styles to choose from with custom applications for quads, golf carts and jet ski's. By checking this box you acknowledge that your shipping address is not within one of the excluded states –CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT & ID. ----- Vendors . I could fully dismantle the trailer and put in the boot of an Acura RDX with room to spare. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. No matter who uses this small cargo trailer and what uses you find for it, when you invest in a Tow Smart 3-Rail Dirt Bike Trailer you’re making a major investment in your freedom to go anywhere, on any adventure, with ease. MCZ 1200, Price Starting at … This makes every customer’s loading experience safer and easier, regardless of what kind of equipment you’re loading up. Single-Rail Ride-Up SRL Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer. ●  Overall Height With Ramps Stored: 28 1⁄4", ●  Overall Height With Ramps Detached and Tailgate Folded: 24", ●  Maximum Extended Length (front of coupler to end of unfold tailgate): 151", ●  Ramp Dimensions (two included): 48" x 13". You can now store your single motorcycle trailer wherever you like! Not only is the loading ramp on this ride-up trailer wide, but it is is also long, ensuring a low angle of approach and safer loading. Due to Trailer sizes, trailers are shipped to the nearest XPO LOGISTIC SERVICE CENTER or Business with forklift or Dock. Exciting news! The trailer ships complete with the custom-built chock and running boards. Buy this trailer and take that extra $ saved and go somewhere! FEATURES: Heavy-duty steel construction. Phoenix Trailers Single Folding Motorbike Trailer. Call 844-438-9776. Backed by an array of warranties targeted at individual components, it’s obvious that Kendon’s folding standup motorcycle trailer is worth more than it’s weight in trust. Model: MC1F Weight: 450# Bed Size: 51" x 106" Upright Height: 95" Tires: 13" Covered under our industry-leading all-inclusive 5 year warranty! No more switching to another type of trailer every time you switch to a different bike. 4- Heavy duty 6' Tie down Straps with Rubber handle. Please reach out to us so we can provide an approximate shipping date. The Smartest Way to Haul Your Motorcycle (and Store Your Trailer) Now you can haul your motorcycle or ATV without wondering where to store your trailer. The stow-away ramps and flat-folding tailgate promise both ease-of-use and easy storage; this motorcycle trailer quickly and easily reduces to a small storage footprint. ●  Foldable tailgate for space-saving design and smaller-than-average storage footprint. I'm selling my ACE folding motorcycle trailer. Loading your full size cruiser/dirt-bike/sport-bike onto the center rail will leave you with more gear or cargo storage on either side rails. Whether you need our Single-Rail Ride-Up Motorcycle Trailer, our Three-Rail Motorcycle Trailer, Dirt Bike Motorcycle Trailer or our Foldable Utility Trailer, we know you’re going to love our motorcycle trailers’ lightweight (yet heavy-duty) construction, built-in motorcycle-specific safety, and security features, and fast and easy storage design. Contact Us. That way you can spend more time riding and less time looking for someplace to park. Our trailers can carry up to 1500lbs and 3 full size motorcycles. The Soft Tie down allows you to get into tight spaces where the ratchet hook can not latch to, creating a protection to the chrome or paint on the front end of your motorcycle Tree. ●  Clearance To The Bottom Of The Deck: 13 1⁄4’’, ●  Clearance To The Bottom Of The Undercarriage: 7’’, ●  Center To The Center Of Each Rail: 20 1⁄4’’. There are two kinds of people in this world — those who lead and those who follow. *The $189 flat rate shipping does not apply to the following states CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, UT & ID. New and improved easy to load ride up ramps ensures safe motorcycle loading done by one person. Standard Single Trailer $2,199 - 1,300 lb capacity - 44" … Find Motorcycle Trailer Equipment For Sale. - Tow Smart Trailers’ industry-leading sportbike trailer/dirt bike trailer design and specifications: keep your adventure bikes safe during hauling and keep your options for adventures endless. Though having three rails with three chocks this trailer also serves as a Single Motorcycle Trailer. Sturdy trailer, folds up easily - Posted by David on Jul 21st 2018. Perfect for both serious hauling jobs and transporting toys for your weekend getaway, this utility trailer easily handles lumber and construction materials, home appliances, dirt bikes, motorcycles and trikes, all offroad vehicles (including ATV, UTV, and SxS), smart cars and other small cars, and even golf carts. Bought brand new for 66 ! Most of our single motorcycle trailers are foldable and compact, and can be stowed in the trunk of a vehicle with room left for additional items like your suitcase and cooler. Products. This trailer is you. Folds for easy storage – … RESTOCKING MID JANUARY 2021- DUE TO DEMAND, UNIT IS SOLD OUT . A ST175/80/R13 Bias 5 Ply Spare Tire and wheel can be extremely handy when the unknown comes by. and easier alignment than thinner, shorter ramps (or using wooden boards)​, promising safe, easy one-person loading for even wide and heavy bikes. Constructed from heavy-duty tubular steel and diamond tread plate, Alpha Sport gives you the strength and stability you need to haul your motorcycle with confidence. Moreover, the mesh and cage design (as opposed to a solid platform and solid walls) also enable proper drainage in wet environments, preventing rust and keeping the loading platform from becoming slick. Complete Tie Down kit for(1) Motorcycle. Suspended on a torsion axle attached to 13’’, Wide channel rail accommodates vast range of tire sizes, Transports Goldwing motorcycles, Harley-Davidson, cruisers, sport bikes, and more, Lightweight, heavy-duty tubular steel frame, http://theridernewsletter.org/choosing-a-motorcycle-trailer/, The Original Slick Wheelie Motorcycle Hauler, Alpha Sport Single Folding Motorcycle Trailer, Trailer Deck Dimensions: 35’’ W x 84’’ L - Diamond Shape - Rounded Square Rear, Folded Length: 85’’ L (from tip of coupler to end of folded bed), Overall Extended Length: 117’’ L (from front of coupler to end of open trailer bed), Overall Width: 72’’ W (outside fender to fender), Overall Width: 54’’ W (inside fender to fender), Maximum Motorcycle Length: 98’’ L (from motorcycle’s front tire to its rear axle), Trailer Deck Type: Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate. This Dirt bike Trailer will make your bikes Stand out from all competition whether on the Track or at the Pits. The removable rails can be detached and stored with ease to create a flat 5'x7' deck. That way, you can spend less time and energy getting ready and more time enjoying your adventures, wherever the road takes you! In one utility trailer, you get a work-horse trailer throughout the week and a toy hauler on the weekend. 2014 Kendon Stand-Up Single Motorcycle, Kendon's classic single rail motorcycle trailer features the company's standard round tube steel construction, making the frame lighter and stronger. // ]]>. ●  Powder coated finish provides long-lasting high-quality appearance, damage-resistance, and durability. Subscribe to get special offers and once-in-a-lifetime deals. Hi, For sale is my folding motorcycle trailer . weight capacity to accommodate most bikes, an integrated drop-down ramp with running boards for ease-of-loading by one person, and a unique folding design for compact storage when not in use. Custom Handmade Sizes. Motolug s7 plus single folding motorcycle trailer folds up small enough to store in the corner of a garage or shed & fits in the boot of a car . Additionally, the Independent torsion-axle design makes this trailer easy to maneuver whether you have configured it as a three rail motorcycle trailer, a dual rail trailer, a utility trailer, a scooter trailer, etc. Cycle Center And Bmw Of Denton Denton, TX - 1,507 mi. Each trailer comes with two lug nuts pre mounted. All the while, its frame and deck designs are lightweight, slip-resistant, easy-to-clean, rust-resistant, and east-to-store. The low deck height and long ramps decrease the angle of approach when loading vehicles, making loading safer while maintaining a low center of gravity to increase towing stability. loading capacity. 199 Reviews. The SBX is our folding single bike trailer designed with all the features of our GT and SB as well as the ability to be folded away for compact storage in a garage. Store your space saving folding motorcycle trailer in any vehicle parking space. 13" tires with spare - LED lights - Aluminum trim - winch reduction pulley *Does not include pictured chock and mag wheel. This trailer’s standard features include three integrated, adjustable wheel chokes, wide, removable channel rails, and two different loading ramps (a standard ramp and a foldable ramp). .Any questions, please ask. The Alpha Sport is an extremely popular product and we do sell out often. You may be aware …, Our trailers are all designed for the same purpose: to allow you to take more …. From £825. In the standard purchasing package for our motorcycle trailers, our customers also get extra-long, extra-wide, non-slip loading ramps. Made from tubular steel for enhanced strength and lightweight construction, the Endeavor Powersport Utility Trailer also features a heavy-duty steel mesh platform design that further adds to its lightweight, easy-to-fold design (meaning you can haul more and still stay within weight limits). - Folding/stow-away tailgate and loading ramps give this small cargo trailer a truly space-saving design (and a smaller-than-average storage footprint). Motorcycle Single Trailers For Sale: 4 Motorcycle Single Trailers - Find Motorcycle Single Trailers on Cycle Trader. BACK ORDERS WILL RECEIVE A FREE COUPLER LOCK ($45 VALUE), SPARE TIRE ($115 VALUE), AND CHAIN LINKS ($15 VALUE). //
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