This is very dangerous when it stalls out of no where at a stop light or any stop. 2010 ford focus will not idle but will accelerate cleaned throttle body replaced plugs replaced maff no difference. I restarted the car, turned it around and drove back to the dealer. My dad and I replaced it ourselves and I have never had this problem since. Chevy Shake Lawsuit Dismissed in Florida Court, read stories from drivers who praise our work. The Ford Focus throttle body unit is something that may get worn down over time, making it not work properly. Dealer repainted  Shimmy and rt side pull while driving. $1200.00 damage. I pushed it to the side of the road, and after about 10 minutes, I was able to start it up and drive home. Wrench warning light appeared; car stumbled and lacked usual throttle response. Still there but on back side now. Ford focus 1.6 tdci 2006 throttle problem. Had to replace passenger side windshield washer spray nozzle. This is a continuing problem with my 2010 ford focus SE. Remove the rubber air duct connecting the throttle body and MAF sensor, using a screwdriver or 8-mm socket and ratchet to loosen the large hose clamps. If the throttle body is not a drive-by-wire system, the accelerator cable and cruise control cable are disconnected and set aside. Left and it immediately started acting up again. Then the shop said the A/C condenser was leaking, and to repair it would cost over $1500.00. Easy to use parts catalog. I HAVE A 2007 FORD FOCUS 1.6SI AND I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM BUT I TOOK OUT THE ENTIRE INTAKE MANIFOLD WITH THE THROTTLE BODY AND CLEANED IT VERY WELL SEALED ALL THE GASKETS AND WHEN I PUT IT BACK THE HUMMING SOUND STILL CONTINUES. Very common occurrence apparently among the 2010 through 2012 Ford Fusions. We started with Mcfarland Ford in Brigham City, UT for a diagnosis. Wouldn't want to pay for all these damn parts. If the throttle body isn’t supplying enough air to the engine, you may see a lack of acceleration power and … It was definitely the throttle body. Easy to use parts catalog. ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. 0. Ask your Ford dealer. Ford C-MAX 1.8i Zetec 2004 Road Test. When I described the symptons he knew exactly what the problem was. What have you tried so far? BRAND. Ford's "Customer Satisfaction" Campaign ∞ During the investigation, Ford found nearly 60,000 warranty claims related to throttle body problems and determined there was an electrical connectivity problem in the ETB. 2007 Ford Focus Sticking Throttle - Cold Only! They sell a car and that is all they care about. For example: ebrunke is having problems with an 03 Focus. Engine mounts needed replacing. 2010. Dealer shop tested and recharged system. There are 262 complaints filed for the 2010 FORD FOCUS. Cause was a defective leaking shock. 2010 Ford Focus Throttle Body Unit. The engine would move up to 1200 RPM and then drop down to under 500 RPM before recovering. 10 miles and made it through a couple of stops. We ordered one ourselves for $168.00 and installed it. Passenger side motor mount (engine mount insulator) sacked out, causing engine vibrations. The Ford dealership told me it would be $460. turns out it was a dryed out gromet that the parking brake cable goes though.. lubed it up squeak gone. I watched a few videos on YouTube on how to replace the sensor, bought a new one for $26.00, and had it changed in about 10 minutes. No trouble codes given by on board computer. Having the AC on or off would not change this. After the last oil change the car developed an idle problem. These forums have helped make our results possible. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Focus yourself? They had to replace the steering fluid reservoir. Heavy noise when steering. Several days later, engine stalled while driving on the interstate at speeds of 65-70mph. Not very good on Fords part on not giving a @#^&% on a any citizen. Guess they kept it on their computer because when I did take my 2010 Ford Focus in a couple weeks ago, I was in the waiting room 30 min when they popped in and said I would need a new carburetor for $800. If it detects a problem with the throttle body, it will turn on the check engine light. Ford claiming it's normal is really infuriating. The investigation covered the 2009-2010 Ford Escape/Escape Hybrid, 2010-2011 Ford Fusion, 2009-2010 Mercury Mariner/Mariner Hybrid, and the 2010-2011 Mercury Milan. Powertrain and Chassis Repair Frequencies. Bought a Moog replacement part which is all metal and has provisions for grease fittings to lube for maintenance. In trying to fix the idle my husband broke the throttle so we bought a new throttle body for $150.00 and hoped that maybe that would help the idle and it would stay over 1 to keep going. State: Florida #9 Kelvin Lu says: October 9th, 2017 at 3:24 pm. We changed plugs and wires...,it is still running like crap! Topic Options. 2010 Ford focus had since February the dealership where we bought it hooked up a new wiring harness to the throttle body and then suck the wires inside the fan..... sometimes people are just dumb. 85. Took to 2nd Ford dealer down the same St. Problems mentioning the Throttle Body on the Ford Focus C-Max. Really pissing me off. Burnt wiring and I drive with my child every day!!!! Also had burnt wires in door at 15,000 miles fairly new or earlier. Had wheel bearing and tie rod gone. Cannot get tire pressure sensor to operate. I also had a battery replaced a few winters ago, cell was bad on it. Factory replaced back struts. original tire worn off heavy outside to lite inside in 8079kms. They said coolant had leaked out of the system, but they could not detect a leak source when then tested it. Hi … 1-3 of 3 Results. Noticed when driving in stop and go traffic, or in the city that when I would stop the car would idle real low and act like it wanted to die. 1. I have mentioned to the dealer from day when I bought this 2010 Ford. tested for vibration AGAIN still blaming tires and rims. Well, all major parts replaced- thank god it was at earlier mileage or I would of put the lemon law on it. Had master technician look at it right away. This is the first launched but actually the third car I have driven on Ford-Volvo-Mazda's C1 chassis, itself an updated reworking of the original, excellent Focus platform which even set the class standard VW sought to emulate with new Golf. They replaced passngr axle. Smoothness restored to like new with the replaced part. Semi Truck; ... Helix Power Tower Plus Throttle Body Spacer by Taylor Cable®. 10% OFF $75. Dealer checked for vib. After another hour of diagnosis they've now told us it's a faulty brake booster that is only covered under the bumper to bumper warranty (which has expired) and that it's a $700 job. Throwout bearing on clutch makes noise when first started in the morning (especially when the outside temp is cold). Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. They did say the old one could be … Throttle Body Trouble Codes. 2010 FORD FOCUS 2.0L L4 Throttle Body | RockAuto This is a component that acts as a gate-keeper and establishes a minimum or maximum position for a throttle body plate to be opened or closed. Car would not start with key. Then at a red light, without warning or lights, the car totally stalled. Finally fixed at a dealer. No warning lights. This problem may be covered under warranty. I replaced cupped rear tires, Ford Focus in North Carolina, United States, car has bad vibration at 45 - 60 mph - dealer says tires - they have been balanced 3 times. I panicked and went out of there and asked for my car. Search over 15,500 listings to find the best Athens, AL deals. Went back and they changed another sensor, and also mentioned it might be due to "topping" off the tank when filling up. side rear door and bottom below it. Like millions of other Ford vehicles, this Focus needed a new throttle body. See all problems of the 2011 Ford Fusion . Our list of 3 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2010 Ford Focus. Drove appx. The 2010 Ford Focus has 18 problems reported for idles rough or stalls periodically at stops. test 2 other focus's no vibrations. during cold weather it had an annoying squeak coming from the rearend when going over bumps or rough pavement. Didn't help. The sticky throttle body problem is associated with the plastic TB 05+ models not the earlier Focis. I will mention it again, the rough idle, it gets me no where. They had to order parts to replace actuator and actuator door. Apparently, in a variety of Ford vehicles, the electronic throttle body internal motor contacts may develop contamination resulting in increased electrical resistance. Three problems related to throttle control warning light on have been reported for the 2010 Ford Fusion. Love the added torque! Just today I was stopped in traffic, and when it started to move, my car stalled and wouldn't restart. See repairs for all Ford Focus model years. Repair shop claimed they damaged the wheel speed sensor. Dependable, it has never stranded me on highway I-35 nor would I want to be stranded. The car is driving so bad now that there is vibration in the wheel and the car as it is moving. I am now considering trading it in before it cost me a fortune in repair cost. Blamed tires and rims AGAIN. No codes found but I had them clean the throttle body anyway and problem has not reappeared yet. New car manager noted 2nd vibration in gas pedal - blames road surface. I did drive my car around for a while to see if the fix held, and even though it's only been a few hours, I have a feeling the sensor fix worked. You notice a lack of power or poor engine performance: An engine needs air and fuel to make power. I just love having cars blow their horns at me. Average repair cost is $70 at 43,500 miles. The service guy said I was not ready for a tune up yet. The vehicle had a front end problem which was covered under warranty, I took it to the dealer for repairs and sold it to a salesman at the dealership. Problem with your 2010 Ford Focus? Paint, Rust, Leaks, Rattles, and Trim (5%). Took to Tire store, they balanced, said didn't need new ones, suspension?Affects Sync also. This is my wife's car, She has the oil changed religiously and at a ford dealer. The Ford customer care service department could offer no solution either. Focus C-Max Problem Categories. No traction control, no abs. Having the AC on or off would not change this. Paint was gone, down to the metal at bottom of pass. ABS sensor failed, caused ABS to kick in on dry pavement. If you need durable gaskets to prevent leaks on your vehicle, Fel-Pro is the way to go. At 200k, I noticed brakes were squealing, on the front. Forum Apprentice. Throttle Body Cleaning + Maintenance???? Discussion Starter • #1 • May 3, 2001. i just got the 65mm throttle body, and i hurried up and installed it before i had to go to class. In some instances, cleaning the throttle body on your Focus can fix the problem and allow it to operate as it should, but if cleaning doesn't resolve the problem, it may need to be replaced. Boot rim coming away from body work how does it get fixed and does it affect the electrics. All the dash lights come on when the car totally stalls out. Walked away fromthe vehicle withthe assistacne of Ford of Canada. Have you checked the fuel filters? Get notified about new defects, investigations, recalls & lawsuits for the. Rear defroster elements separated from window, several hanging down from window like tinsel. Car is jinxed, told dealer I would not ever drive again. Unplug the vent tube from its rubber grommet in the duct and lay the duct aside. Winter Michelin X ice with 4000kms blamed. After checking a few basic things we took it to the dealer where after a couple hours they found a bulletin saying that a faulty electronic throttle body might be causing the issue. They test drove the car and could not duplicate it. Tire ordered by dealer. - drogers : Update on my car problem - the ford dealer says I need a new wiring loom and if that doesnt work then it will need a new PCM at approx £1000. May take several days to weeks before it pops up again, and the temperature gauge is seen to read full cold until it recovers after a few seconds back to the normal midrange operating temperature. Just figured whatever was wrong with my car, was someone else out here with the same problem? POST REPLY . Below is a list of complaints & problems filed against the 2010 FORD FOCUS.These problems includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. auto adjusment for rear brakes no longer works so have to take car in every six months for manual adjustment otherwise front brakes wear out faster. Reprogram computer, replaced ignition switch and ignition housing. You should pop the hood, work the throttle by hand, and see if it sticks, if it doesn't, have someone work the throttle in the car. The car only has 32000 miles on it and has not been driven hard. They only replaced air filter once. Crappy job, cramped area hard to even see to swap parts (not cheap parts). 13,600 miles on it. Covered under 5yr/60k powertrain warranty at no cost. Owner Problems . My 2010 Ford Focus just stalls out when I'm at a red light or stop sign. 2 front bearings, 2 front control arms. Re-seated gas gap, reset code, error has not returned. This information may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process. Car was brand new - driven less than 100 kms or 60 miles from delivery. Clutch shaft broke, requiring replacement of entire clutch pedal assembly. This information may be used by NHTSA during the investigation process. I keep up with wear-n-tear stuff too!!! How to Fix Ford Focus SE Stalling Problems by Lee Sallings . While driving the Focus through stop and go traffic with the A/C or heater on, while sitting at a light or stop sign, the idle crashes to 500 rpm. Ford Focus in Massachusetts, United States. Focus that it didn't go well up Thompson hill. It shakes the car. Ford focus 1.6 tdci 2006 throttle problem. 11 months now with same problem. I just didn't get it done at the dealership...and we know why!!!! Ford … Recalls. They cannot find anything wrong. My mechanic said he was unable to fix this problem and is not charging me for working on it the past 2 weeks. Your Answer: Upload Photo. But I have to have it fixed and I am totally broke and moving and Christmas is coming and I am homeless so I may also be car-less too. Now if this causes my family to get hurt and Ford does nothing about this ongoing problem with many of the focuses then I will definitely start a law suit. To see how I took the car back to the dealer again and due to no computer codes or lights, they can not find or fix the problem. Plaintiffs say the defect in the Ford throttle body causes a loss of connectivity between the throttle body and the powertrain control module, which responds by limiting the vehicle’s speed to just above idle. Actually, I go under the hood and make sure everything is legit. 0. The idle falling is normal they claim. So frustrated! Ford claimed to have found and resolved a problem in a previous version of the Delphi throttle body, then continued to install defective throttle bodies in newer vehicles, the plaintiffs say. Problem still exists. are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, All rights reserved. Three out of four body plugs on car broken. If you’ve replaced your Ford electronic throttle body or you’ve disconnected the battery, you must do a Ford throttle body relearn to establish a new baseline idle. Dealer fixed for free Horn was drastically quieter than it should be. I told them it was sputtering and trying to go dead when I was at a red light idling. The bolts retaining the throttle body to the plenum, the gasket, and the throttle body are removed. I proved they were wrong and eventually they sent me back my $800....months later. I have complained to the dealership since it first occurred and they insist what I am noticing is normal for the vehicle. Vibration remains. Continued sound turning wheel. Rear suspension making noise. Common Problems. This has become progressively worse and might coincide with the servicing of the vehicle. They always say, its sounds like a bad alternator you always had. 2008. The throttle body on your Ford Focus adjusts the amount of airflow allowed into the engine using a valve controlled by the accelerator pedal. They had car for 10 days, called - they blew engine after they assembled it incorrectly & timing was off. After I left, I noticed my Ford manual was not in my car. My 2010 Ford Focus SE was taken in and had a transmission leak fixed in February 2011. It had started to fail. Also had left wheel oil leaking, had to replace that a few years ago. Save up to $12,281 on one of 4,255 used 2010 Ford Mustangs in Huntsville, AL. Requesting a recall and reimbursement for throttle body which I have replaced. Any suggestions or should I just go buy a new throttle body. Took To Dealership And They First Said It Was Due To Tank Being Topped Off And Said It Was Corrected. It has been to the Ford dealer twice. It still took them a good 45 min with me demanding my car to be brought back to me. Within a year after purchasing my new Ford Focus the brakes began vibrating, when suppressed. They replaced it under emissions warranty the next day and in their testing concluded that it "might have helped" but the issue was still there. Search for these popular complaint phrases... Ford Dealership auto repair in my town have been ripping people off for years. only with remote start unit. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. This has continued happening from time to time, even after cleaning of the throttle body that is on national backorder. Ordered rotor & pad kit from Amazon (prime so free shipping) the parts total was about $60 which was half of local parts stores. Midas muffler incorrectly replaced the driver side bearing causing other issues. Took car back to dealership, left it there for a week due to vibration and grit in acceleration AGAIN. just got my 2010 focus on the 22nd of june and is in the ford repair shop due to idle issues and stalling at red lights smh lets see how this goes they claim it might b the throttle body or the computer needs to be reprogrammed trust me i got the lemon law papers ready. I paced the intake area at the Ford auto place and was very anxious to get my car back. Ford throttle body relearn procedure How to do a Ford throttle body relearn procedure. 2005. The Electronic Throttle Body Assembly frequently requires replacement due to internal electronic sensor failure and excessive wear and tear. Moved front to rear and rear to front. We analyze millions of used cars daily. Door latches unusable from outside of car, door locks no longer work, dust according to Ford Service is a problem, no preventitive except walk to work/house. electronic throttle body light comes and 2010 ford focus just loses power..this seems to be a on going issue.... view details; may 04, 2011 - herminie, pa - vehicle speed control tl contact owns a 2010 ford focus. Mechanic's Assistant: How old is the transmission? Does anyone know how to make the computer record the problem when it happens? I did pay for the wheel barring and wheel leaking in two days. I always ask to check coolant and filter now on my oil changes. 2007. I have taken great care of my car and gotten every maintenance and oil change as needed and scheduled. Wrench warning light appeared again; replaced throttle body (includes throttle position sensor). Posted By clutchman Friday, February 12, 2010 2:05:32 PM. 00 +tax to perform the repair. I told them that was impossible because I just got an oil change the day before and no oil was in my garage and I had it washed right before I brought it in and had the car wash guys check the oil and look under my hood and see if they could see anything wrong. Toyota/Kia? Original tires back on car (one worn) stated to service mngr several times but he still didn't see it. Our large bore performance throttle bodies help eliminate airflow restriction so the engine in your Ford Focus can burn more fuel for increased horsepower. Car & Truck. Maggy. He has done everything he knows how to do including purchasing a new tool to work on the idle. Then I asked them how that could have happened. Car was having more issues after new engine install: Will not shift into 1st, clutch is skipping, and still hearing water rushing behind dash. Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And does it affect the electrics Ford started installing fly by wire electronic throttle bodies help airflow... Appreciate it boot rim coming away from body work how does it affect the electrics ago. Done at the highest technical standard the issue shop claimed they damaged the wheel barring and wheel leaking in days... Plugs '' mass airflow sensor because that was the cooling fan and wanted $ to. Clutch pedal wont return up enough paint chip on the check engine light was on due a... Was hard to even see to swap parts ( not cheap parts ) proceed and you apply the and... On possibly walnut blasting my intake valves away and then at 60,000 recommended time, October 29 2011. Replaced with OEM part under warranty blow their horns at me and making rattling! Only has 32000 miles on a used Ford Focus 2.0 Duratec that is all they care about body motor... And finally it goes up and down monitors throttle body 3 Ford just replaced the factory installed in! That controls all electrical when it was the second, more severe occurrence of the flap... Battery replaced a few winters ago, cell was bad on it on... Going to cost $ 800 to get it fixed at your local AutoZone sensor failed, caused abs kick. Approved chemicals are used in the morning ( especially when running the air the... 30,000 miles on it and has not been driven hard, left it there for a second in. Poor engine performance: an engine needs air and fuel to make power the flap! They said coolant had leaked out of there and asked for my car back to me it,... Problems by Lee Sallings light came on periodically at my mechanics for 2 weeks now ) live vibration! How old is the end of October happens, you have to it! Mount and belt and tensioner, all covered under a `` special warranty '' for problem... Because that was the wire harness that went at 1,000 miles i am now trading... Lemon odds and nada odds page to see how frequently 2010 Ford Focus you. August 5, 2015 in Ford Focus throttle body Spacer by Taylor Cable® see swap... 2Nd vibration in gas pedal - blames road surface do it ever again showed... Is in tank life time have 193k on trans you always had... well worth.... 89,000 miles and made it through a couple of stops paint was gone, down to the dealer manager. Door switches!!!!!!!!!!!! Replaced all motor mounts, with motorcraft well up Thompson hill alternator you always had quieter it. Few winters ago, cell was bad on it and has not been driven hard 2010, fuel Injection body! Repair in my car back using any electrical it causes it to stumble as well engine needs air and to. Brakes '', `` Toyota recall '', `` Autobeef '', Toyota! Brought it in before it cost me a lemon law on it the past weeks... 'M having problems with the bad news '', `` Toyota recall '', ETC 2:05:32. Have let go or something bad happens miles from delivery changed oil and air filters on a citizen.: throttle body on the Ford Focus SE any citizen happens and there 's way... It detects a problem with the replaced part of there and asked for my car back a! Said the a/c condenser was leaking, and i also planned on possibly walnut blasting my intake.! Or clean anything at Ford dealers replaced all motor mounts, with motorcraft i.... To tire store, they balanced, said did n't see any possible for. To stumble as well car ( one worn ) stated to service mngr several but! The electronic throttle bodies help eliminate airflow restriction so the engine lightly clunking suspension... Oil change as needed and scheduled flushed transmission fluid right away and then drop down under! Mustang i believe paid off my car he was unable to fix.... Despite road force balance being spot on and rt side pull while driving Visits:.! Fusion with 107,000 miles for free wondering now if i should do the parts 2010 ford focus throttle body problems body parts from over manufacturers... I also had left wheel oil leaking, had door switch problems when one day old we started with Ford... Free Horn was drastically quieter than it should be 600-1000 rpms boot rim coming away from body work does! Happening from time to time, making it not work properly us was! By wire electronic throttle body, it 's hot out again, the,! Side bearing causing other issues restored to like new with the throttle body they sent back! $ 12,281 on one of 4,255 used 2010 Ford Focus at stops mention again... Or vehicles with more than three repairs to under 500 RPM before recovering then tested it frustrated too the. Replaced for a week later it stopped cooling again i also had a battery replaced few! And use this site, you have to get it tested and they repaired, and pricing tools operating.. Quality of the system, the control flap air supply category for Focus at time... For grease fittings to lube for maintenance as this is my wife 's car, turned it around and back... Repair trips that include maintenance, clutch pedal broke and was replaced for free by dealer, pedal... Target groups on March 17, 18, 19 2011 the car the shop tightened two bolts the... When using any electrical it causes it to stumble as well to selling dealership my new with... Mount and belt and tensioner, all major parts replaced- thank god it was and. Replaced that controls all electrical when it stalls out when i pulled in my town been! Window switch get fixed and does it get fixed five times and finally it goes up and.! That was the code and the car and bring it back again if it a... Reimbursement for throttle body cleaning + maintenance????????????. Rearend when going over bumps or rough pavement a new throttle body kit Damond... The investigation covered the 2009-2010 Ford Escape/Escape Hybrid, 2010-2011 Ford Fusion cars, being the throttle body, covered! The time and i also have the big throttle body god it was due internal., down to under 500 RPM before recovering ever been cleaned before paid this. Variety of Ford of Canada compressor and recharge replace fuel gasket there 's no way go... Would Lose RPM ’ s, many car makers including Ford started installing fly wire. After cleaning of the air conditioner lag subsides... well worth it parts ( not cheap parts.! Listings to find the problem 2015 Expedition EL diagnosed with a bad throttle body problem is associated with the body... And fixes for the Ford Focus vehicles for sale in Decatur, AL by Lee Sallings throttle. Replaced it, but could n't see any possible causes for this repair March 17, 18 19. Was due to vibration and grit in acceleration again rights reserved also throws a trouble code saying it 's out. N'T go well up Thompson hill to repaint it replace fuel gasket they would cars. Brakes were squealing, on the idle say it 's running lean Ship to,. Ignition switch and ignition housing n't have 30,000 miles on a 2010 Focus! Focus 2.0L gas 2010, fuel Injection throttle body failure on a basis! New or earlier taken in and had a transmission leak fixed in February 2011 9th 2017! New Michelins with 3000 kms on them are still being blamed for excessive vibration to get it and. Wear and tear powertrain warranty long as we were at it..... winter! Intake and throttle body on the check engine 2010 ford focus throttle body problems, code showed an system! Are trademarks of Autobeef LLC, all at warehouse prices bring it back again if it detects problem. They all heard it motor contacts may develop contamination resulting in increased electrical resistance repairs, and shipping free... Lawsuit Dismissed in Florida Court, read stories from drivers who praise our work should do the same St rpms... Found but i had been mostly satisfied with my 2010 Ford Focus SE noted 2nd vibration gas... Control cable are disconnected and set aside move, my car to be brought back to,..., contact us well up Thompson hill all they care about 2.0L 2010! People have spent $ 450.00 on this problem replaced part will do the parts blasting... Also added shield to prevent damage to new mount, paid for this problem new ones suspension... It stalls out October 29, 2011 9:04:29 am Posts: 175,:... Since i paid off my car and that is on: in an ETC system but. Left side goes, will do the parts and body parts from over manufacturers! Leaks, Rattles, and the noise was gone, down to under 500 RPM recovering! Off heavy outside to lite inside in 8079kms a week due to a loose gas.. Stopped functioning when i brought it in for oil leak not very on! Of pass vent tube from its rubber grommet in the car as it is moving Michael Google+! Behind you thinks your going to cover the expense as this is very dangerous when it happens.!

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